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Education Department

Origins of the Education Department
The Education Department was created in 1997, thanks to the will and experience of Professor Cristina Francucci, inside the Istituzione Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Bologna as an internal and stable structure aiming at approaching the public to contemporary art.

Methodology and educational offer
The paths proposed are based on a methodology which conceives art education as a stimulation for the development of sensitivity, for the understanding of one’s own identity, the history and the reality around us. Art becomes a necessary tool for the educational processes and the works are thought not only as a text to know but also as a pretext to develop the critical sense and an open mind towards culture.
In these terms the museum is an active space: a space of education, debate, reflection, and enrichment; beside having the role of a cultural institution, it allows the user to cultivate his/her own memory and identity in relation with his/her time.

The MAMbo Education Department collaborates with RTI Senza titolo s.r.l. & ASTER s.r.l.