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Professional development

Apprenticeship at the Education Department
At the Education Department, students have an important opportunity: they can live an experience of professional development and work thanks to the apprenticeship within the Departement.
There are several agreements stipulated with national and international institutions, with universities, with Fine Arts Academies and with Educational Services of Museums all around Europe.
For further information and to apply
: tel +39 051 6496652

The Creative Identity of the Contemporary Artist

An e-learning path aiming at diffusing the identity of the contemporary artistic creation by highlighting the experience as an educational approach to art. Three artists, Massimo Bartolini, Eva Marisaldi, Alessandra Tesi, who are present with their works in the collection of MAMbo, suggest to the users useful activities so as to understand their poetics and their experience in the contemporary age.
This project can be addressed to a class or a group of students and they will be asked to participate in by elaborating, in a creative and personal way, the proposals they received.
The path is thought for students starting from an age of 16 years old.
To use the e-learning it is necessary to request the access key to the Education Department.
+39 051 6496626


From the collaboration between MAMbo and FAI Emilia-Romagna came out the idea of starting a project, realised in 2008, which was dedicated to teachers of the primary school and aimed at knowing the artistic heritage of its territory, at approaching the contemporary art and its new languages.
The Education Department of MAMbo has created a kit to follow the class along a path for the discovery of the history and of the many transformations of Polo della Manifattura delle Arti, of MAMbo and of the works of its Collection.
The KIT contains some cards studied to facilitate an interactive encounter with the art and its places and it presents some proposals for workshops to be carried out at school or during the visit to MAMbo.

The project has been created thanks to the patronage of the Presidency of the Municipal Council of Bologna and of Coop Adriatica.