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Education Department

General Information

Who we are
Daniela Dalla (department manager)
The MAMbo Education Department collaborates with RTI Senza titolo s.r.l., ASTER s.r.l. and Tecnoscienza.

To whom we address
The Education Department addresses its activities to the whole public of the museum: children, young people and adults, schools and organised groups. It presents itself as a privileged facilitator between the artwork and the visitor: it promotes a more aware use of the art, it suggests a possibility of new elaboration, it responds to the different receptive and communicative skills of the public of every age and social and cultural origin.

What we offer
The proposals are various: simple guided visits, animated visits, workshops, preparatory meetings to approach contemporary art. Special paths for the professional development are then addressed to teachers and professionals.

Where we work
MAMbo – Museo d'Arte Moderna di Bologna
Museo Morandi, collection
Museo Morandi, house
Museo per la Memoria di Ustica
Villa delle Rose
The activities are carried out in the exhibition halls and during the workshops inside the different seats, set up by themes according to the paths dedicated with the intent of giving shape to suggestions and of promoting, even visually, the proposed aesthetic experience.