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Guided visits

MAMbo offers to visitors of every age group the possibility to benefit from guided and animated visits addressed both to individuals and groups, presenting them new ways of interpretation to understand poetics and languages of contemporary art.

It is possible to book a customized guided visit (provided also in English) or to join those that have already been organized and published on the calendar available on the Italian version of our website (please note that this kind of visits is carried out only in Italian).

The visits are curated by MAMbo Education Department and developed according to a successful methodology which conceives education to art as an incitement to the development of sensitivity, to the understanding of our own identity, of history and of the reality surrounding us and by allowing the participant to confront himself with his own memory and identity, in relation with his time.

€ 120

For information and booking:
+39 051 6496611
tel. 051/6496627 (Monday and Thursday h 10.00 am - 2.00 pm)

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