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Solo Show

7 September -2 November 2008

Natascha Sadr Haghighian

SOLO SHOW has been jointly developed by Sadr Haghighian together with the production company mixedmedia berlin, a renowned production company based in Berlin.

By inventing a fictional artist, named Robbie Williams (“the artist, not the singer!”) as well as producing and premiering his first solo show at MAMbo, the exhibition project conceived by Sadr Haghighian with mixedmedia berlin renders the ways of producing art today with a production company discernible.

She exhibition is divided into two separate halves with entrances from opposite ends. The introductory wall text indicates the first exhibition as the solo show of Robbie Williams while the second carries a list of over 50 names. Five objects that resemble fences for a jumping contest are installed in the first space. Instead of having a classical wood structure, they are fabricated using materials that playfully make reference to the history of modern and post-modern art. The other space is empty apart from a set of eight speakers that play the moving sound of a horse galloping around the room and jumping over imaginary fences.

SOLO SHOW is at the same time a solo show and its own deconstruction, which analyses the real meaning of this exhibition format within the context of the contemporary artistic practices and their contradictory relation to the institutional framework as well to the art market strategies.

Solo Show