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25 January - 30 March 2008

The re-appropriation, recycling and re-use of images drawn form the mass media, advertising, graphic design and contemporary art are the basis of a working method that is more concerned by redefinition and reinterpretation than simple creation.

The range of the objects produced by Guyton/Walker is wide and stratified as are the means employed: a blend of computerised graphics, silkscreen and digital printing applied to canvasses, labels, flags or, as on the occasion of this exhibition, two candles of architectural proportions as well as the exhibition space itself.

The flatness and the status as commodity of the original images on the one hand acquire the form of huge installations, which opens up a dialogue with the three-dimensions of the exhibition space, while on the other hand, thanks largely to the digital techniques and means of production employed, are volatized almost to the point of transparency, capable of being superimposed upon an infinite number of further images.

For Guyton/Walker it is not only the works themselves but the whole exhibition format that has to be continually updated, by a process of constant checking on their means of production and presentation which re-defines in real time the terms and the very meaning of their collaboration.