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Step 2 - Bojan Sarcevic

2 December 2007 - 3 February 2008

Already Vanishing

To think of the cinema medium as a “sculpture” – as in this exhibition, which is the final chapter of a cycle of three shows presented this year at the BQ gallery in Cologne and the Centre d’Art Contemporain Le Crédac at Ivry – means conferring to film a physical, concrete presence in the exhibition space, highlighting to the ‘liminal’ expressive possibilities both of the film and of the sculpture.

In the MAMbo’s exhibition rooms Sarcevic creates a progression marked by three distinct pavilions, temporary and ethereal structures which are at the same time individual sculptural compositions, projection spaces and places which define the indissoluble relationship between the work and its architectural setting. In this disintegration of the dividing lines between different entities, matter, form and structure are transposed into a narrative dimension, intangible and immaterial, while the solidity of the architecture opens up to the dynamism of the image in motion, the skilfully measured changes of sound, colour, light, and real space intersects reciprocally with the metaphorical and two-dimensional space of the projected image.

The ephemeral and transitory nature of this project and experience has crept into the enchanted tangibility of the museum building, while a scenario vacillating between invention, sensation and reflection takes on form in the here and now of the white cube.

STEP 2 - Bojan Sarcevic