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Step 2 - Adam Chodzko

2 December 2007 - 3 February 2008

M-path and Hole

Envisaged as gateways”, “thresholds”, “passages” between different dimensions – past/present/future, reality/potentiality, document/fiction, public/private – Chodzko’s art appears in fragmentary gestures spreading out from the exhibition site into the intangible sphere of our experiences, memories and intuitions.

The three works realised for the show – installed both in the exhibition galleries and in the external area of the MAMbo premises – provide us with an opportunity to experience the museum as an entity moulded not only by its management but also by its outside, i.e. by the dynamic relationship between people and their reciprocal expectations. After being requested to enter the exhibition “in someone else’s shoes” (M-path, 2005-07), the video installation Hole (2007) tells a legend set in the near future in which a local woman is bound to the museum by a hypothetical relationship fluctuating between complete identification and distrust.

In giving birth to a possible mythical background for the new museum Chodzko contributes to the formation of its collective imagination. He discovers and reveals the institution’s history and its destiny at the very moment in which he invents them.

Step 2 - Adam Chodzko