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Wolfgang Weileder

October 3 - December 8, 2014


The works of Wolfgang Weileder are investigations into the relationship between time and space, into the interconnection between permanence and transience, and how these can be explored to probe our knowledge of built and natural landscapes.

This project, Meridiano, includes selected large format photographic prints from the Seascapes series. In this show, various seascapes from around Europe – recording either sunrise or sunset - are combined into a ‘mosaic’, representing a boundless temporal sequence of nearly imperceptible transformations.

Weileder uses a special technique involving the sophisticated use of digital technology to create these works. A fixed camera captures thousands of shots of the same scene over the course of several hours, at intervals of just a few seconds. Specialist software then selects a vertical strip, one pixel wide, at the same point in every captured image, recombining the segments in precise chronological order. What emerges is an unexpected and evocative aesthetic effect: subjectivity, contingency and technological possibilities come together to produce images that appear strangely familiar. The final image is therefore not just an exhaustive recapitulation of a single slice of space in a time interval, but one of the infinite recombinant possibilities offered by the technology. The image reinterprets the landscape by following its traces in a way that defies all preconceptions.