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Permanent Installation

A proposito di Ustica
The French artist Christian Boltanski has been charged by the city of Bologna with the difficult task of creating a permanent installation with the title A proposito di Ustica (About Ustica) so as not to forget one of most discussed collective tragedies ever occurred in Italy.

Eighty-one sighs, whispers, faces
Boltanski reminds the 81 victims of the massacre through the same number of lights on the ceiling of the museum, which are switched on and off according to the breath pace. 81 black mirrors are put around the reconstructed plane and reflect the image of the people walking on the gallery and behind every mirror 81 loudspeakers transmit whispered sentences that point out the casualty and the ineluctability of the tragedy.

Personal belongings
Around the remains of the DC9 there are some big crates covered by black cloths containing tens of personal objects belonged to the victims.

A video projection collects videos and testimonies released by press agencies and TV news starting from the day of the tragedy up to the construction of the museum. Furthermore, some IT positions allow visitors to deepen, through the vision of audio-video documentations, the understanding of one of the great mysteries of our history.