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Carlo Mattioli al Museo Morandi

Museo Morandi
10 February 2012 - 6 May 2012

The exhibition itinerary represents a new occasion of reflection on the behavior towards the act of painting of two masters of the 20th century, by examining in depth an interesting hypothesis of comparison focused on the figurative theme of still life that both of them chose as main field of investigation of reality, going beyond its restrictive canon with poetic and expressive outcomes strongly differentiated and even antithetical. The main core of the 42 works by Carlo Mattioli, exhibited in the two central rooms of the Museum, presents in particular the genre production developed mainly during the Sixties, when the artist lived one of the most intense yet less known phases of his career.
The exhibition at Museo Morandi shows how Morandi and Mattioli interpreted the still life model as a spiritual portrait driven by a common, restless awareness of belonging to modernity. Despite the distance concerning linguistic choices and pictorial sensitivity, the close collocation of the two artists proves to be fruitful by revealing essential resonances in the ethic rigor of dealing with art, in the exclusive engagement in painting, in the silent inner echoes of a poetic that seeks in eternity of themes and symbols its anchorages.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue edited by Silvana Editoriale that includes the reproduction of all the exhibited works by Carlo Mattioli, with essays by Simona Tosini Pizzetti and Marco Vallora.