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Casa Morandi
5 November - 26 December 2010

Premio di Incisione Giorgio Morandi 2009

Pacifico is the title of the artwork exhibited in the rooms of the former Morandi family's house together with other works by Blázquez.

The dry-point engraving was selected on occasion of the XXIV edition of the Award instituted in 1985 by Vincenzo Ghirlandi in favor of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna students so as to sustain the engraving activity, taught by Morandi from 1930 to 1954 at the same faculty.

The work – defined by the artist himself as the study of another work called Qingming and the prelude of a wider project – is focused on two constant variables of Blázquez's plastic research, line and time: the line, almost always horizontal, generates a combination of multiples that can change over time.

Manuel Blázquez (Valencia, 1978)
During high school, he develops a great interest for technical drawing and graffiti that he brings to completion in his studies at University Jaume Primer of Castellón, in the Plastic Expression class taught by professor Romualdo Gil. After the graduation in advertising and a trial period as graphic designer, he moves to Italy and begins to study Artistic Graphics at Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce under the supervision of Glauco Lendaro and Donatella Stamer, who transmit him the passion for paper and teach him to feel the sign as essential element for engraving. This short period is followed by a long experience at Accademia di Bologna, where he graduates with a dissertation entitled “Comunicazione e riproducibilità” (Communication and reproducibility) and works for two years as assistant to prof. Claudio Serafini.

The main masters and inspirations of Blázquez's work are Goya, Rembrandt, Rouault, Bruscaglia, Zigaina, Piranesi, Morandi, Zec and Lewitt.

The exhibition was inaugurated on Friday 5th November at h 05.00pm
opening hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from h 12.00am to h 07.00pm
free entry