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Francesca Ferreri. Gaussiana

Casa Morandi
23 January - 12 September 2020

Gaussiana is the title of a work by Francesca Ferreri located in Casa Morandi’s
central room which lends its name to the exhibition as a whole.
The work fits into
a wider search for poetic insights for a sculptural approach in the intermingling
between restoration and mathematical algorithms which places the problem of the
incognito in the background.
The three elements of the sculpture, which come to life along a longitudinal axis,
show clear signs of overflowing into the organic, its linearity and modular structure
notwithstanding. The lightweight paper they support - punctuated by asemic
writings, midway between mathematical expression and choreographic notations -
implies the meaning of the work despite its flimsiness.
The Gaussian curve, widely used in natural and social sciences to represent
population distribution or other variables graphically, tends, as is well-known, to the
infinite. The work presented achieves a ‘zero point’ and it is its immediate restart
which responds, in some sense, to the need for the infinite.

Curated by Lorenzo Balbi, main project of ART CITY Bologna 2020, the institutional program of exhibitions, events and special initiatives promoted by the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with BolognaFiere, in coincidence with Arte Fiera.
Sponsor: Banca di Bologna

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