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Francesco Jodice "Citytellers"

23 April - 26 September 2010

The exhibition is focused on a fundamental part of the artist’s oeuvre: filmmaking. The works from the Citytellers cycle adopt the photographic matrix of the artist’s previous work, but through the use of moving images they enable viewers to grasp a critically distant, and often unknown, reality.

An interweaving of reportage and investigation, of style documentaire and videoclip, Jodice’s work defies usual categorizations. This is why his Citytellers films have been exhibited in museum spaces, as well as reached mass-media distribution through television and film festivals.

The production of the Citytellers series films has been supported by UniCredit Group, whose Focus on Contemporary Italian Art project – in cooperation with MAMbo since 2007 – is aimed at producing, promoting and collecting young Italian art, in an innovative model of corporation-institution cooperation.







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