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Building Transmissions

31 March - 14 May 2006

As happens with all buildings, this is the most crowded area of the whole museum, being host to a vast range of public services, from the reception area to the bookshop and museum cafeteria, which define the public identity of the building through their public services. Without performing any major modifications, Building Transmissions removes all these fundamental services from the entrance area, loading our first glance with a novel sense of tension, estranging it through the perception of "something strange".

The sound installation with which Building Transmissions entrusts this space is nothing less than an archive of various sounds recorded in ghost-buildings like the Galleria d'Arte Moderna of Bologna that in a few months will leave this building - sold to Bologna Fiere as a venue for trade fair events - and will move to its new venue.

We might define this space as frameless sound architecture, for it rejects the notion of structure in favour of that of transmission (of sound or data) and of flow (of information, of radio waves) that reflects or adapts with a de-architecturisation process - to the pending annihilation of the public identity of a purpose-built structure inaugurated in 1975 as the headquarters of the new Galleria d'Arte Moderna. In this progressive entropy, the museum space may be seen as a container of infinite alternative experiences, an ideal window open on a purely potential dimension.

Building Transmissions