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Sarah Morris "China 9, Liberty 37"

26 May - 26 July 2009

Beijing, an 86-minute 35mm film, focuses on one of the most intricate and ambiguous international broadcasted events of past years – the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Morris's version of cinéma vérité uses not only architecture and its infrastructure as phantom characters, but political leaders (Henry Kissinger), Olympic athletes (Michael Phelps), actors (Fan Bingbing), performers (Lang Lang), film directors (Zhang Yimou), and architects (Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster, Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron) in a quasi-narrative about this developing city that opens up numerous fictional possibilities and questions the authorship of the spectacle itself.

The exhibition itinerary includes works belonging to the series Origami and Rings. Origami paintings are based on schematic folding diagrams for the traditional Eastern paper compositions, which give rise to complex forms starting from a simple process.
The Rings paintings are based on the never ending “Ring Road” systems of Beijing, which ultimately lead to disorientation, and on their analogy with the official symbol of Olympic Games (the five rings of the Olympic flag). The large scale intervention, Taurus, will occupy a 30-metre-long exhibition hall of the museum.

Sarah Morris