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7. Ultimo Naturalismo e Scultura

Gli Ultimi Naturalisti (The Last Naturalists) is the title Francesco Arcangeli gave to an article published in Paragone in 1954. Under this definition, he gathered together some Northern Italian artists whose work he had been following for some time, such as Pompilio Mandelli, Ennio Morlotti, Sergio Romiti, Mattia Moreni, Vasco Bendini and Sergio Vacchi. According to the critic, what these painters have in common is their ability to almost instinctively pour onto the canvas the introjection of a feeling for nature that has been an authentically distinctive feature of the artistic tradition rooted in the Po Valley area since the Middle Ages.
For Arcangeli "Nature is the immense thing that gives you no respite, because you feel it alive, trembling outside, inside you: a deep layer of passion and senses, happiness, torment. In such a relationship one includes everything that is unveiling itself, of fear, for those who still love the slow and human time of the old natural world, in the universe. [...] Nature is being attempted again; but its proportion now escapes intellectual measurement. "
In addition to works by painters dear to Arcangeli, the room also contains a number of sculptures  by Agenore FabbriQuinto GhermandiJean IpoustéguyLeoncillo (Leoncillo Leonardi), Luciano Minguzzi and Andrea Raccagni acquired by the museum during his directorship.