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3. 1968 I - Nuove prospettive

1968. I – Nuove Prospettive is dedicated to the campaign of acquisitions carried on by Francesco Arcangeli on occasion of the Venice Biennale in 1968, a campaign that might appear surprising in view of the great critic’s most celebrated academic studies which focused more on Informal art and on the historic and poetic developments of art in Emilia-Romagna.

Works by Gianni Colombo, Enrico Castellani, Bridget Riley and Giovanni Korompay thus formed the first nucleus of the GAM’s holdings, revealing an interest in spatial and environmental research that would subsequently expand to include the work of Grazia Varisco, Getulio Alviani, Dadamaino, Gruppo T and Gruppo N, together with various exponents of Kinetic Art and Programmed Art.