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9. Nuove Acquisizioni

In recent years, the MAMbo has dedicated numerous exhibitions to current trends in international art. Evidence of the personal exhibitions recently organised remains in the collections through the works displayed in the Nuove Acquisizioni area.
Light Study 1,
by the de Rijke de Rooij duo is the result of an investigation into the processes of photographic transmission of the subjective reception of colour within the framework of a broader research into the use of chromatic impressions in a political setting; Oppenheimer (I am Become Death, Destroyer of the Worlds) by Matthew Day Jackson is the transposition into the forms of an Indian divinity of the American Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atom bomb. The work of the title borrows a famous declaration he made. Plamen Dejanoff’s collage – The Bronze House, 2012 - instead shows the original inspiration of the great French architect, Le Corbusier, for the project for a colossal bronze building, which the artist sought to build in his own home town of Veliko Tarnovo, in Bulgaria, in the wake of Constantin Brancusi’s epic Infinite Column.