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8. Focus on Contemporary Italian Art

Focus on Contemporary Italian Art is a workshop for the knowledge and experience of practices employed by Italian artists over the last two decades, who worked after the successes of both Arte Povera and Transavanguardia.
Generations born or formed over the Seventies, on the other hand, have known the end of utopias, the disintegration of social dimensions and the self-retreated investigation on the meaning of one’s belonging to a technocratic world of which no subject can rightfully feel protagonist.
This has resulted in the impossibility of group logics, as well as in an open, fragmented quest for anti-heroic values that could shift the reasons of art from a why to a how, from utopias to present contingencies.
With Focus on Contemporary Italian Art, in partnership with UniCredit Group, MAMbo has created a platform to support Italian artists of the latest generations: a way to help realize works for important international events and promote innovative practices leading to the growth of the Italian art system.