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Agonale (2013), located in the foyer of MAMbo, was created by Anna Scalfi Eghenter specifically for the exhibition Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell'arte italiana contemporanea.

Agonale is a new kind of game which can be included in the category of “cooperative games”. The tactical and visual scheme is based on an archetypal model of the pitch for a ball-game; the competition, instead, is based on the dialectic skills of the participants.

Two teams, doing different jobs and having different skills, interests, etc., face one another about various subjects (words and concepts) considered crucial for the respective areas of expertise.

The teams, gathered around two semi-circular tables, start out from the end area and advance towards the middle of the playing field when the meanings discussed are shared or withdraw if the they are not able to agree. In effect, the two teams can go ahead with their semi-table only when they come to a conceptual or terminological agreement on the proposed topics. The aim is to allow participants to negotiate and share a multitude of meanings: it is only possible to win by cooperation, thanks not to physical but to intellectual skills. A new point is scored once an agreement with the opponents is reached. The two teams can win together only when the two tables join in the middle of the playing field, recomposing the shape of a ball.

Agonale (2013), created by Anna Scalfi Eghenter, is included in the European programme “Nuovi Committenti, aimed at the realization of works of art commissioned by groups of citizens, promoted by the Fondation de France and introduced in Italy by Fondazione Adriano Olivetti.